To Reupholster The Seats Or To Get New Ones, That Is The Question

reupholster car seats

How’s everyone doing amidst this shitty pandemic?

Me? I’m still here, contemplating about far more important things in my life as if I should reupholster my car seats or simply get new ones. As I’ve said before, uncomfortable seats is probably the top problem I’ve been dealing with my Geo Metro.

My smallish ass has been uncomfortable on these seats for far too long, and it’s time for some action.

Maybe you too have been contemplating updating the seats cushioning or re-upholstery, and thought to yourself:  “Why the f would I spend any more money on this tin shitbox?”

Let me take you down the very logical steps on why, at least for me,it just made sense…

Think About The Car Value

When it comes to the value of a classic car, the car seats are best restored than swapped for new ones. If it is a rare one, you better think twice because you’ll certainly decrease the value if you swap it with any other seats. You can also reupholster the seats to maintain the stock appearance. In that way, the style of the seat remains the same but is just more comfortable because of the new foam. However, you should carefully select the materials to use especially if you want to make sure its value doesn’t degrade.

If it’s not that rare, then you can change seats for comfort and practicality’s sake. However, you should remember that replacing the seats with non-genuine products will greatly devalue the car whether it is a rare one or not.

Your best bet when it comes to replacement is sourcing original and top condition seats. It may take you quite some time to find them but if you really want to retain the value of your car, then that is exactly what you should do.

Where To Buy Classic Car Seats?

If you decide to replace the seats with original classic car seats, you need to find them first. You can start your search online but be careful because there can be fakes out there. You can also try your local car shops. They might have some or they might know someone who has a stash and is willing to part with it at a price.

Reupholstering Car Seats

If you choose to take the reupholstering route, you can either have it reupholstered in a specialty shop or do it yourself. The good thing about hiring a professional is their experience and knowledge in various techniques like the stitching to use. They also help ensure that the form of the seats is even and similar to the original.

How damaged the car seats are will greatly affect the cost of the repair, restoration, and reupholstery. Those that have a few rips are naturally going to cost cheaper than those that need the reshaping of the seats because they have already been disfigured. The best way to figure out the actual cost it’s going to take is to ask for a quote. Some ask questions and give estimates while others will require you to bring the car to the shop to quote the price of the reupholstery service.

On the other hand, you could also take on this as a DIY job. If you’ve got plenty of time stuck at home, might as well make yourself busy and useful. You just might learn a thing or two. Who knows you might even make a profession out of it.

With my research, I’ve also come across some people who suggest getting custom car seat covers instead. This is an option if you don’t want to spend a lot on reupholstering your car seats but I think it is just like putting a band-aid over a wound. In some cases, it can work but in others, it’ll just look good but won’t feel as good as reupholstered or replaced car seats.

As for me, I’m still contemplating on what to do. I’ve got the time.

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