About This Site

My Blue 1990 Geo Metro

My name is Alan Starnes.  I own a Blue 1989 Geo Metro hatchback. Here is a picture – as you can see it’s a very clean car.  It’s probably the best car ever made because it doesn’t take much gas and it’s a big hit with the ladies.  Sometimes I wonder if they really think it’s a “Cool car Alan“…and yeah…I know there’s a slight chance they’re making fun of it, but I don’t care.

If they ARE making fun of it, there’s also a good chance that they’re jealous.  Maybe they’re jealous because it gets 52 MPG on the highway while their’s probably only gets a lousy 20 MPG or something in their sports cars.  Anyway, I wouldn’t want a Camaro or Mustang or Jag-oo-ar (as the english say it).  The insurance is way too high and you could never drive it as fast as it could go, because of the speed limit laws and all.

With my 1989 Geo Metro, I can drive it as fast as it will go.  Lately it’s been getting past the 85 MPH mark when I “open ‘er up“.  That’s the cool way of saying, I’m pushing the gas pedal to the floor board.  When I first got the car, it couldn’t go past 75, but now it’s at 85.  Maybe that’s because the engine cylinders have opened up over time.  At least that’s what my dad says.

Anyway, I wanted to dedicate a site to all the underprivileged “A to B” cars, or cars that get you from Point A to Point B.  They do it without much fuss and I feel like I’m saving the planet because they doesn’t use much gas.

Did I mention the girls love them as well?