Surfs Up Brah

Surfs Up Brah

As part of Geo’s initial lineup in 1989, the Geo Tracker was based on the popular Suzuki Sidekick. It was sold as less expensive off-road (like) alternative to the Jeep.

First couple of year runs of the Tracker had a two-door with either a convertible or fixed hard top in base or upscale LSi versions. All models between 89 and 90 were offered in 5-speed manual with four-wheel drive. More »

Geo Metro Convertibles

Geo Metro Convertibles

The Geo Metro was available as a convertible option starting in it’s second year of production.
Just looks at those MPG stats! More »

Snow? That’s SNOW problem.

Snow? That’s SNOW problem.

We were able to capture this Geo Metro family in the wild, doing what they do best: playing tag in the snow.
Observe how the male alpha-metro leads the pack. More »



A modded Geo Metro. This things a beast! Is that a NOS is there? Yikes! More »

The Geo Storm

The Geo Storm

In 1990 GM decided to spice up their lineup with the sporty Storm.

Initially mocked for it ’s (at the time) forward-thinking body stylings, driver mags loved the car. In a April, 1990 issue of AutoWeek entitled Slick, Quick and Inexpensive the Storm was described as,“..rev(ing) quickly and easily. Running up to the 7600 rpm redline can be a delight.” More »

Brad’s Rad Ride

Brad’s Rad Ride

“, thanks to my Geo Metro LSi Convertible, I’m pretty much the most popular guy in school right now.”- Rad Brad
More »


Keeping My Geo Metro Alive

Regular engine oil change helps both old and new car models

How long have you been using your Geo Metro? I’ve been using mine for years and she still runs. Yes, let’s admit that there are things that could be improved about this car but it still has features that I love. 

Durable as it may seem, the oldie but goodie Geometro still deserves some TLC. My Geo Metro won’t survive on its own for this long if I didn’t do my freakin’ part. But before you conclude that keeping a Geometro running is a whole lot of work, check out the simple things that I did to it below. 

Believe me when I say these simple things are worth doing. Cause you all know my lazy ass isn’t up for something that only wastes your time. 

Oil And Filter Change

There are a variety of ways to properly care for your Geometro or any other vehicle. However, I find that changing the oil and oil filter is one of the most important things to do. 

Do you want to extend the life of your engine? Then this should be done regularly. With regular oil and oil filter changes, you lessen the risk of getting into engine problems. 

Engine problems are a headache and they are very costly too. I’ve avoided that over the years by simply being constant with my oil and oil filter changes. It’s done a lot of good for me and my car and you should do it too. 

Top Up Or Flush Out Your Coolant

The coolant is another important fluid that helps your engine avoid major problems. The level of the coolant doesn’t drastically drop so you may need top-ups from time to time. However, if you notice that you’ve been topping up frequently, then there might be a leak. 

Topping up the coolant is great as it ensures you have enough to circulate and efficiently cool the engine. However, there will also come a time when you need to replace the old coolant by flushing it out. It’s a very easy procedure to do but it could save your engine by not letting it overheat. 

Check The Wheel Bearings

Maintenance for the wheel bearings is easy but could be dirty because you need to use grease. You can inspect the wheel bearings on your own and add some grease to make it run smoothly or you can just hire someone to do it for you. It’s a simple and straightforward task. 

Brake Fluid Check

You might have recently purchased that Geometro but that doesn’t make it new. There are things you should check and one of them is the brake fluid. Just like the coolant, you should also make sure that the fluid is still viable. 

Try to check the brake fluid and see if it is still clear and amber in color. If it is black with rubber bits or rust, then you might need to give your vehicle a brake overhaul. Avoid that by always making sure that your brake fluid is regularly checked and changed every couple of years. 

Recognize When You Need Help

I love tinkering with my vehicles but not all things are worth the DIY. Sometimes, you’ll end up causing a more costly problem when you try to DIY things you don’t really know. 

Even if I have experience with cars, I still learn to recognize the line between a mechanic’s job and a DIYer. Although experienced DIYers can do the job on their own, allowing a professional to do it gives you peace of mind. 

Use Your Car

Some people believe that in order to make sure the car is still in pristine condition, it should simply be stored. Contrary to that, you should make sure you use your car at least once a month. 

No matter what kind of car it is, if you leave it stationary in your garage for far too long, you would likely find damages to it. Using it regularly actually slows down the aging process of your vehicle. 

So don’t be afraid to use your car, even if it is a collector’s edition or a trusty Geo Metro. Allow the parts to move by using it. 

Clean Your Car

Mud, debris, dirt, dust, and a combination of them all cause buildup that could be detrimental to your car. If you don’t keep your car clean, those will eventually cause chipping of the paint or rust.

The build-up can trap moisture and that can lead to the rusting of your vehicle. That’s also why you should always make sure to dry your car after washing it. This doesn’t only prevent rust but watermarks as well. 

Apart from the exterior, you should also make sure that the interior is properly cleaned as well. In a previous post, I told you about upholstering my car for comfort. I don’t want to go through that process again so maintaining cleanliness helps make sure that it’s the last time I do that. 

Factors That Limit Car Modifications

car painter preparing car for new paint

Ah… car modification! It is something you do to make your car feel more like it’s truly yours. The car mods you have done will represent your preference.

Do you like speed and improved performance? Then you should focus on more of what’s under the hood. Do you want to make your car look a certain way? Add some wow factor or just stick to the classic? Then you can modify your interior and exterior. 

As for me, I’m a simple man who loves his Geo Metro but I love modifying my car too. Did I tell you I reupholstered the car seats? Those seats were killing me back then. They’re definitely more comfortable now that the job is done.  

Aside from that, there are still other things that I wanna do. But alas, there are things that are preventing me from doing that. Just like most of you, my pockets don’t run deep as well.  

However, lack of moolah isn’t the only thing that can limit what modifications you can do to your car. Wanna know about the others then continue reading below.

Modifying Your Car

When you think about car mods, it’s like making your dream car come true. However, you also have to make sure that your dream car is still within the realm of possibility. There is only so much you can do to modify your vehicle plus the ones below could also limit the mods you do to your vehicle.


Car modifications will need money. Depending on the car mods you want, it may or may not require a lot of money to do so. Remember my previous post on engine swaps. That’s doable but only if you have a fat bank account. 

You’ll need the money to buy the parts, to get the service done if you are not doing them on your own. For most, lack of funding is what could restrict them from getting the car mods that they really wanted.


If you’re like me, then you’ll love spending time in your car. I just want to tinker with it and try to improve it as much as I can. However, not all of us have the luxury of free time. In fact, I would even want to spend more time modifying my car but I can’t always do that. 


Let’s face it, not all car owners know exactly how their cars work. That is why they can’t modify them just like they wanted to. They just don’t have the skills and experience to do so. 

Sure you can hire someone to do those for you but you have to spend money on that as well. Most take this route because they don’t know how to tinker with their own vehicle and that is perfectly fine. However, take it from someone who has modified their own car, there is something satisfying when you’ve successfully done it yourself.

Legal Issues

Do you like loud exhaust or low rides? Sure some shops can do that for you or you can also do that on your own. However, before you start your modification, it is best to do research. 

There are car mods that are illegal in most states. There may also be some that could be legal in other states but not yours so best check local rules and regulations when it comes to modifying your vehicle. 

Availability Of Technology

Do you want your car to fly? Ha! I’d want that too but there are some modifications that aren’t available yet. Let’s get realistic here okay. 

But apart from obviously futuristic mods, there are some mods that can’t be suitable for your vehicle. For example for Geo Metros, engine swaps are possible and a pain in the ass but doable. However, there is a limit to how powerful an engine you can fit in. 

That will also depend on the size of your vehicle. The Geo Metro isn’t a big one and there isn’t a tiny engine that has the same power as the other big ones. Well, not yet…

Geo Metro’s Stylish Car

stylish female on a convertible

So what have you been up to this pandemic? Have you guys returned back to work or did you have the privilege to “work” at home? 

As for me, I’m still here breathing and thinking as I admire the beauty of my Geo Metro. Yeah, yeah, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I know because some of you might not agree with my definition of beauty.

Then why the hell are you here reading about my musings and shenanigans about my love for this Earth-saving car

Gotcha! Admit it, you secretly love Geo Metros too! 

What’s not to love? Yes, you may consider it as an econobox but did you know that there are models released for more, uhm– stylish clients? 

Picture a convertible. Just like the picture above, it really suits the more stylish clientele, doesn’t it?

Spotlight please for the Geo Metro convertible!

However, the Geo Metro convertible isn’t exactly like that, but at least it tried to be…

The Geo Metro Convertible Is Not For All

To target those who are looking for a more stylish, yet still efficient and affordable Geo Metro, the convertible model was born. However, not all people liked it and some are even laughing at the thought of a convertible Geo Metro. 

Don’t laugh too hard and belittle such a car. There are still great things about it like the efficient 55 hp engine. Additionally, it also has an airbag, at least for the driver side. Without too much excess baggage, the weight is minimized.

As for the top, it’s manually operated and you have to manually unlock the cabin to get access to it. Some were also not a great fan of the plastic panel that covers it. 

The seats were like any other Geo Metro, which is a pain in the ass and there is no armrest. The side mirrors are also present and are manually adjustable. Lastly, it also has air conditioning and a tachometer. 

Would You Drive It?

If you ask me, I’d surely love to take that for a ride. That might amp up my appeal, being a convertible and all. Plus, it’s efficient and you’d save a ton from using it. 

However, some people might not be comfortable with it due to safety reasons, you wuss. As for me, I’m a careful driver and I take my chances every time I drive my own Geo Metro anyway so as long as I can still make it run, then I’d gladly take it for a ride. 

How about you? Would you take the chance in driving such a classic beauty? Come on now, I know I’ve got a lot of readers who are as big Geo Metro fans as I am. 

Engine Swap On A Geo Metro? No Way! Here’s Why

car engine

The other day I was busy admiring the awesome job I did with my car seats. (My ass is now somewhat more comfortable with the seats I have. As a skinny white-boy with no cushion in the rear – they’ll certainly do for now.) 

Just then this young lad approached me. We talked about cars and I told him all about Geo Metro because I simply love sharing insights about this baby. 

We were on the topic of improving my speed then he suddenly blurted out “Why don’t you just swap the engine?” I laughed my ass off at that comment and thought he was kidding but I noticed his face was damn serious. 

I controlled my laughter, straightened up my face, and told him, “Son, there is no friggin way I am doing an engine swap.” Then I began telling him why it is not a great idea to do an engine swap.

First of all, it’s a whole lot of work. You’d be spending countless hours making all things fit. Don’t get me wrong here, I know it can be done. I’m just not interested in taking on that crazy challenge. Well, at least for now…

The Magic Of Engine Swap

It seems like a dream come true to swap a more powerful engine into a Geo Metro. Some have done it and succeeded while others simply found their project rotting in their garage. With an engine swap, you remove the old engine and replace it with another. 

Some do it because the engine is purely junk and can’t run at all. However, some take on the challenge of replacing the engine with a better one to make the car more powerful and efficient. In older cars, this could be done if you can’t find an engine or spare parts of the same model.

Why You Shouldn’t Do An Engine Swap

Engine swaps are possible and many have done it. Many shops have spent countless hours just to make things work and they did. However, there are reasons why it’s not such a great idea:

  1. First of all, you don’t just swap one engine for another. You have to make sure they are compatible with the other components of your vehicle or you’d have to redo all that too.
  2. You have to make sure it fits, if not, you’d have to make adjustments to support the engine so it doesn’t fall off while you’re driving.  
  3. It takes a lot of time to do all the adjustments just to make the new engine work. You have to check and recheck a lot of things before you even attempt to do a test drive. After all, you wouldn’t want to risk your life just to test your car.
  4. Lastly, it can be expensive. Sometimes, it might be more cost effective to simply buy a faster car than to swap out the engine just to make the car run faster. 

Things To Consider Before You Do An Engine Swap

If you are dead set to do an engine swap, then take the leap. Just make sure you prepare yourself to do a lot of hard work, spend a lot of time and sometimes money for the job. But if it is your passion, keeps you busy and your mind off this crazy pandemic then do it. Here’s just a few reminders on what you shouldn’t forget or underestimate.


Wiring a car is quite complex. The circuit is connected to various systems in the vehicle. Before you attempt to adjust the wiring, you should have great understanding about the relays, wire gauge, amperage and overall circuits. 

Cooling System

The cooling system seems simple enough but don’t underestimate just how much work goes into it. With newer and faster engines, you’d expect them to heat up faster too as compared to older models. Although mechanical fans might have worked well with your old engine, it may not be able to handle the heat of that newer engine you’d like to install. 


Upon installing a new engine, most people will assume that the exhaust manifolds should also be modified. However, what people don’t realize is how complicated it could be. When fabricating a header, it would usually be a challenge to consider the spark plugs, wires and steering linkage. But there is more, once you’ve done that you also have to make sure that the tubing won’t’ hit anything like the frame or the body. This is a common costly mistake because you’d have to start all over again.


Steering linkages are already tricky to figure out from doing the headers. Apart from that, you’d also have to make sure they’re compatible with the suspension and steering system. Sometimes people also change these to further upgrade their vehicles. There are many aftermarket components available but you’d really have to think and figure out what odd combination of steering linkage will work for your project. 

Torque Converter

If you plan to preserve the rest of the driveline, it can be challenging to find the right converter that has the right flywheel pattern plus transmission spline count. Sometimes, you’d have to turn to hybrid converters to address this problem. 

Final Words…

The complexity of swapping an engine just goes on and on. These are only some things to consider and even if I know such things, I myself am not considering swapping the engine of my Geo Metro. For now, I’ll stick to simpler and easier mods. 

I Need To Stop Running My Metro On Fumes

Geo Metro Out Of Fuel

Most gas stations freak me out.

I won’t bother you to the reasons, ’cause they’ll make me sound insensitive, and possibly schizophrenic.

(There is, however, this one Amaco near the bypass that isn’t too bad, but that’s just because they still sell baseball cards which I still collect even though there essentially worthless!)


My point is – I don’t like gas stations, and as a result I seldom fill up my blue 1989 Geo Metro unless the fuel gauge is about 2 cm below the “E“mpty indicator.

This is where, if I keep driving, the engine starts to sputter, convulse and die.

Turns out – this is not a good thing for the mechanics of your engine. In fact, it’s freaking horrible!

A mechanic friend enlightened me to this reality and now I’m a regular Joe at the gas station where I know all the convenience store staff by name.

So if you’re like I was before I was “converted”, you’re likely wondering:

Just how bad is running your car all the way to fumes?

Read on friend…

Engine Damage

The car engine is an amazing feat of engineering. You’ve got your different systems; the engine, the coolant, the electrical – all timed and configured to work together to propel your vehicle forward. And all systems need to be clicking just so to ensure your automobile doesn’t freeze up.

See the source image
Fig.1 – Engine Schematic (Image Pilfered From This Website)

This is especially true in older cars like my Azure Blue Metro who can’t rely on all that new wizz-bang ECMs to monitor and adjust system operations.

Likewise the fuel systems most most cars manufactured during the Metro years or before were designed in such a way that the fuel is pulled from the top of the tank used to power the engine.

All the debris and unwanted particles in the fuel are, in turn, collected and filtered from the bottom of the fuel tank.

Run out of fuel? Man-up son!

Run out of fuel? Wondering what To Do? Do you call you Mom, or, Dad, or Girlfriend to bail you out? NO!

You read this article from a towing company in Virginia Beach on getting your damn car to run again.

Now what do you think happens when but a spittle of fuel is left at the bottom of your tank?

That’s right! The fuel pump sucks up the swill (aka: shit-fuel) at the bottom of the tank.

Luckily there’s a nifty fuel filter inline before the fuel pump which gets most of the big chunks of crud.

The more insidious stuff gets through though, and over time it can clog up your primary fuel filter, which then causes shit-fuel to your injectors and engine cylinders.

Shit-fuel can cause your injectors to fail, your pistons or cylinders to pit, and your engine to run hot – which can then cause complete and utter destruction on your engine!!!

Here’s a visual of the result…

Now most modern cars are gonna give you “head-up” in the way of a warning light of something. But do you think they put that technology in my 1989 Geo Metro Hatchback?

Yeah sure pal, you bet they put that technology in my Geo Metro from 1989. (Gawd!)

To Reupholster The Seats Or To Get New Ones, That Is The Question

reupholster car seats

How’s everyone doing amidst this shitty pandemic?

Me? I’m still here, contemplating about far more important things in my life as if I should reupholster my car seats or simply get new ones. As I’ve said before, uncomfortable seats is probably the top problem I’ve been dealing with my Geo Metro.

My smallish ass has been uncomfortable on these seats for far too long, and it’s time for some action.

Maybe you too have been contemplating updating the seats cushioning or re-upholstery, and thought to yourself:  “Why the f would I spend any more money on this tin shitbox?”

Let me take you down the very logical steps on why, at least for me,it just made sense…

Think About The Car Value

When it comes to the value of a classic car, the car seats are best restored than swapped for new ones. If it is a rare one, you better think twice because you’ll certainly decrease the value if you swap it with any other seats. You can also reupholster the seats to maintain the stock appearance. In that way, the style of the seat remains the same but is just more comfortable because of the new foam. However, you should carefully select the materials to use especially if you want to make sure its value doesn’t degrade.

If it’s not that rare, then you can change seats for comfort and practicality’s sake. However, you should remember that replacing the seats with non-genuine products will greatly devalue the car whether it is a rare one or not.

Your best bet when it comes to replacement is sourcing original and top condition seats. It may take you quite some time to find them but if you really want to retain the value of your car, then that is exactly what you should do.

Where To Buy Classic Car Seats?

If you decide to replace the seats with original classic car seats, you need to find them first. You can start your search online but be careful because there can be fakes out there. You can also try your local car shops. They might have some or they might know someone who has a stash and is willing to part with it at a price.

Reupholstering Car Seats

If you choose to take the reupholstering route, you can either have it reupholstered in a specialty shop or do it yourself. The good thing about hiring a professional is their experience and knowledge in various techniques like the stitching to use. They also help ensure that the form of the seats is even and similar to the original.

How damaged the car seats are will greatly affect the cost of the repair, restoration, and reupholstery. Those that have a few rips are naturally going to cost cheaper than those that need the reshaping of the seats because they have already been disfigured. The best way to figure out the actual cost it’s going to take is to ask for a quote. Some ask questions and give estimates while others will require you to bring the car to the shop to quote the price of the reupholstery service.

On the other hand, you could also take on this as a DIY job. If you’ve got plenty of time stuck at home, might as well make yourself busy and useful. You just might learn a thing or two. Who knows you might even make a profession out of it.

With my research, I’ve also come across some people who suggest getting custom car seat covers instead. This is an option if you don’t want to spend a lot on reupholstering your car seats but I think it is just like putting a band-aid over a wound. In some cases, it can work but in others, it’ll just look good but won’t feel as good as reupholstered or replaced car seats.

As for me, I’m still contemplating on what to do. I’ve got the time.

Saving The Planet One Geo Metro At A Time

Geo Metro for environment

I’m a notic-er

That means I notice shit.

And what I’ve noticed here recently is more and more electric cars on the road, to which, I can only assume the owners are thinking they’re going to single-handedly “save” our one-and-only planet earth with their stupid awesome-looking vehicle.

Too bad they can’t hold a candle to the Earth-saving potential of my 1989 Electric-Blue Geo Metro Hatchback 4-Speed.

Here’s why…

Electric Car Vs The Geo Metro

When it comes to the environment, fossil-fueled cars have a bad reputation for their carbon footprint. Whenever it runs, it produces carbon dioxide. Most people agree because it is what they see. When an electric car runs, it doesn’t produce smoke so it doesn’t add to the world’s carbon footprint. That’s wrong because even if you can’t see it, electric cars are contributing to the pollution of the environment.

Electric cars are mostly advertised as green cars because they don’t emit as much carbon dioxide as other combustion engine cars like my Geo Metro. At first glance, they do look like their carbon footprint is low. However, you have to look at the whole picture when it comes to determining which car is greener.

Electric cars are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are not just limited to use on cars. They are also used to power other electrical devices like laptops and mobile phones. With the production of electric cars, there is an increase in the demand for lithium. That also means mining lithium is has a high demand.

It may seem that mining more lithium doesn’t have too much effect. However, it does have a huge effect on the environment. With lithium mining, water is in demand in large amounts and this depletes natural water sources plus it negatively affects the ecosystem.

Carbon Dioxide Footprint

Apart from lithium mining, we should also take a look at the carbon dioxide produced by the vehicle throughout its life cycle. There are three phases included in the life cycle of an electric vehicle. Those are the manufacturing phase, use phase and lastly, is the recycling phase.

Manufacturing Phase

In the manufacturing phase, consider the creation of the different components plus the assembly of such components. Comparing the carbon dioxide emission during the manufacturing phase, electric cars surprisingly produce more carbon dioxide than internal combustion engine vehicles. A huge part of the emission is due to the manufacturing of the battery fitted in electric vehicles.

Use Phase

As for the use phase, the emission of electric cars will only depend on the emission produced due to the production of the electricity that will charge the car’s battery. As for my Geo Metro, the level of emission will depend on how the fossil-fuel was produced or made available for the vehicle plus the actual emission produced by the car.

The emissions for electric car use will vary from one area to another. This is because some countries have a higher percentage of renewable electricity than others. Take Australia and New Zealand for example. New Zealand’s share of renewables is significantly higher than in Australia, which means that an electric car in New Zealand has fewer carbon emissions than an electric car in Australia.

As for fossil-fuel powered cars, their emission is much higher compared to electric vehicles whether they are in Australia or in New Zealand. Most of the carbon emission of a fossil-fuelled car is found in the use phase.

Considering our current source of electricity here in the US, the source of electricity for the vehicles will still produce a lot of emissions. Our renewables, when it comes to electricity, are just too low at the moment. Even if it rises in the next decade, that still wouldn’t significantly lessen the emissions produced to get electricity.

Recycling Phase

For the recycling phase, a study in China found that recycling an electric vehicle produces more emissions than recycling a fossil-fueled car. Like in the manufacturing phase, it is the battery that plays a significant part in producing higher emission when the electric car is recycled.

Why My Geo Metro Is Better Than Electric Cars

When comparing electric cars with new combustion engine vehicles, we can conclude that there will be a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. However, that change isn’t big enough to cause a great impact on the climate or environment.

Buying and using a Geo Metro that has already been produced and used years ago is a better choice than buying a new electric car. If you really want to lessen the impact on the environment, help slow down the demand for electric cars. This also helps decrease the demand for mining lithium, manufacturing the battery and producing the electricity needed to power the vehicle. All of which negatively affect the environment. Remember that electric cars become really environmentally friendly when their source of electricity is renewable and not done by a coal-burning plant.

Oldie but goodie cars like the Geo Metro can still run well. It is easy to check the emissions they produce through various services you can find online. You can also have them serviced or maintain them on your own to lessen their carbon footprint. With a Geo Metro, you’ll not only help the environment but also help your pocket when it comes to fuel expense.

Geo Metro Engine Upgrades Through The Years

engine upgrades

Believe it or not, demand for fuel-efficient cars isn’t a new thing, ever since the dawn of the car industry folks have been clamorin’ for cars to run forever on just a thimble of petrol.  I don’t know about you but I certainly love my Geo Metro for the bucks I save whenever I use it.

Now, the problem with old cars is whether you are going to get those oldie but goodie cars to run without spending too much on fixing them first. It’s very rare to find old cars in mint condition. They are mostly left to rot in an old garage. You’d be lucky to find a vehicle that wouldn’t require much work done on it.

The Geo Metro

One of the fuel-efficient cars of the yesteryear’s is the Geo Metro. Produced by general motors, the Geo Metro isn’t actually a brand new model. It is a variation of their existing Suzuki Cultus that has been released in North America since 1989 all through 2001. It’s a product brought about by General Motors and Suzuki working together.

The Geo nameplate was found on the models from 1989 up to 1997. Then, from 1998 to 2001, they carried the Chevrolet nameplate. As the Suzuki Cultus evolved through the course of 13 years, so did the Geo Metro.

Geo Metro Through The Years

There are 3 generations and 4 body styles that the Geo Metro went through in those 13 years. The first was a hatchback with 3 doors, next was the four-door sedan, then came the five-door hatchback and finally the two-door convertible. More importantly, the engines also had changes and upgrades. Such changes affect the horsepower, torque and fuel economy.


The Geo Metro only had its name for 8 years before it was renamed to Chevrolet. Through the first few years from 1989 to 1994se years, the cars had a 1.0-liter engine with 49 horsepower. There is also another engine option that’s a 55 hp one.

In the following years, from 1995 to 1997, the base engine was now offered at 55hp. The higher output engine was further upgraded into a 1.3-liter engine with 70 hp.


Torque was also improved over the years. From the first one at 58 pound-feet for those produced from 1989 to 1994. Those that were made from 1995 up to 1997, on the other hand, had 58 pound-feet for the base engines while the higher output engines had a torque of 74 pound-feet.

Fuel Economy

The Geo Metro was designed for better fuel economy. It was its main purpose and that’s why manufacturers also geared towards improving it through the years. For the earlier models, the base engine had a fuel economy of 30-53 mpg when drove through the city and reached 34-58 mpg while driven on the highway. For the higher output engines, fuel economy was measured at 30-46 mpg while driving in the city and at 34-50 mpg when driven in the highway.

5 Tips To Improve The Geo Metro’s MPG

fuel economy

You all know I love my Geo Metro but it’s current MPG is only at 52.  While that’s would be considered quite high for most car models, for my money, and considering it’s a blue tin can on wheels – it sucks!

But fear not.  I’ve done research on the “inter-web” and sleuthed some handy-dandy ways to improve the fuel efficiency.

I’ve done my research, I’ve stalked forums, and I’ve talked to my fellow Geo Metro lovers and come up with my plan to succeed no matter what. If you own a Geo Metro and want to improve its MPG like I do, here’s a list of things that we can do:

  • Cover Grille Openings – The grilles should be covered, except the one from in front of the radiator, to ensure there are no openings. A tough plastic will suffice in this situation. Additionally, the gap between the hood and bumper should also sealed. Doing this isn’t costly at all. You can do it for as low as 10 bucks depending on the materials you choose to use.
  • Reduce The Car Weight – Reducing the total weight of any vehicle will certainly improve a car’s MPG. Everything that isn’t necessary should be left out of the car. If you spending time alone with your car and don’t plan on any passengers, you can rip out the seatbelts and the back seat as well. Take it a notch further by removing the carpet and floor soundproofing. All these additional weight aren’t necessary and you’ll soon feel better acceleration because of the lesser load on the engine.
  • Adjust The Ignition Timing – Advancing it a few degrees is a safe adjustment but you still have to make sure to listen to your engine to prevent from damaging it in the long run.
  • Change To Flat Bumpers – Bumpers in the early 90’s have a round bottom. If yours still has one, time to change it to a flat one. Best place to find that is in the junkyard.
  • Change To Larger Tires – A low rolling resistance tire with a larger diameter can also improve the mileage of the Metro. If you decide to do this, change your speedometer too so that measurements are accurate.

Dishing The Dirt On The Geo Metro

Black Ice Car Freshner

Many people have a love-hate relationship with their car.

That’s not really true for me and my Geo Metro. It’s dependable, remarkable, it’s a total chick magnet, and it even smells really nice with my “Black Ice” Little Trees Car freshner hanging in the visor.

I could spend foreve4r talking about why I love my Geo Metro but I’ll save that for another day. For now, let’s focus on the dirt. I dug deep with this one because there’s not a lot of complaints and problems I can find – it’s about as perfect of a car as one can possibly hope for.

That being said, the very short list below includes some problems I personally encountered plus what others have experienced about theirs.

Don’t get me wrong: this post is not meant to change your mind about buying that Geo Metro – without a doubt buy the next Geo Metro you see – but just to give you a head’s up about what problems you might expect.

No Power Windows Or Automated Door Locks

I also experience this but this isn’t really a problem for me, but hey, the Geo Metro is an old car and a basic one so what do you expect? It is created for people on a budget so don’t expect power windows or automated door locks.

For you youngsters out there, rolling up the window literally means turning a handle round and round until the car windows completely close. You also roll down the windows while turning it the other way.

Door locks also need to be done manually by pushing down or pulling up on the door locks. There is also o alarm system but I don’t think you’ll have to worry too much about someone taking your Geo Metro.

Uncomfortable Seats

For me, this problem has a simple fix. Buy some cushions or some of those ergonomic add-ons to seats and Bam! You got yourself some comfier seats with lumbar support.

Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t compare to the seats of a Lincoln Continental or an Audi A8 L, but it works.


With 55 restless Horses under the hood, you’ll definitely be hearing your engine roar when driving a Geo Metro.

Sound insulation wasn’t a priority in this vehicle.  If your on the highway with the windows rolled down and accelerating to it’s top speed, you’ll definitely have a hard time conversing with the other people in the car.

No Airbags On Older Models

Depending on the model of your Geo Metro, it may or may not come with airbags. Older models like my blue beauty, which were produced prior to ‘95 don’t come with any airbag.

I like to live on the edge so I don’t really care for all those safety features.

Poor Acceleration Time

Your need for speed might not be met with this car. Most owners, including me, wished it could speed up faster than it does.

Although it is able to hit the 60 mph mark,  you will need to be patient and going downhill before it happens.

Steering Problems

Some owners say that the steering wheel isn’t sensitive enough. You need to put some serious effort it if you want your wheels to turn, especially at the lower speeds.  I say, you just have to know your vehicle and control it. Sure it may need a little effort for it to turn left or right but that gives the vehicle more character.

The more you drive your car, the more you’ll know about its features and flaws. My advice: spend time driving your car no matter what it is. You can adjust the way you drive. That’s how we do it.

Totally Wrecked

In case this car gets involved in a car crash, it can be totally wrecked. It can be very difficult to straighten out because of the unibody design. You can try but it won’t look the same again.

Final Words

As you can see my 1989 Blue Hatchback is a hard car NOT to love.  It’s got SO many things going for it.  Any issues are REALLY minor.   Besides manual windows, uncomfortable seats, lack of sound suppression and airbags, really shitty acceleration, the worst power steering ever, and it’s reputation for difficulty to repair – it’s a total dream.