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geometro3doorGeo Metro cars was founded first on the second generation Cultus and then on the third generation platform is designed exclusively to the North American market. The second and third generation appearing in 1989 and 1995.

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Geo Metro Hatchback 1997

Geo Metro Hatchback 1997The developers of Geo Metro created the base sedan variant of the Metro for 1997. A new convenience package is facilities available on LSi models, and the LSi hatchback comes with the larger 1.3-liter engine standard.

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My name is Doug Heffron in 1993 I built a high mileage car, it was built around a 1989 Geo Metro ultra-fuel-efficient Xfi model. This car originally was a joint venture between General Motors and Suzuki, which delivered as much as 58 miles per gallon. 49 hp that's all it take to get a person to work safely and comfortable. I reworked this car to get even better mileage. I was getting 75 mpg for the 2 years I drove it.

The bottom line is with a 3- cylinder Eng. 12 valve, variable cam a small streamlined tandem-style could get even better mileage. I am inclosing color pictures of the car I built. This car is only a prototype, the finished car would put the driver in the center with a light multi speed gear box. This car with the tandem-style seating makes for an extremely stable car at high speeds.

Henry Ford once said I am not interested in building more cars for more money I want to build more cars for less money. I want the small guy to have a car" he went on to become rich and famous with this thinking."

As base for a car i purchase GM car at used cars San Diego store. Please persuade General Motors to build a car as I mentioned above a commuter car tandem seating for the working men and woman of this country. This car can put people back to work and cut our fuel consumption.

With dog car seat you can always keep your car clean from dirt and dog hairs.

Kids ATV

If you have children, you really should consider purchasing a kids atv. ATV is fun and they have come a long way with safety since the day of the three wheels. Kids ATV is now a household name with the growth and popularity of the sport.

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