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The Geo Metro Was A BEAST! At least from this perspective…

Officially-speaking, my 1989 Geo Metro has just over 55 feisty horses kicking under the hood. For people that don’t get the concept of horsepower, that seems like a fairly weak car. I however, beg to differ. Allow me to explain using the scientific method which is to use fact, figures, testing and results to validate my hypothesis. At the end of this article you will be utterly convinced that the 55 HP is more than adequate in pushing around my Geo’s light frame.

What is Horsepower Anyway?

In order to adequately explain “Horsepower” I need to whisk you back to Scotland in the 18th Century.  Envision an Scottish-born engineer named James Watt working on his newly acquired steam engine.  He was going to use it for all sorts of cool stuff around his neck-of-the-woods, but he needed a way to describe the force it produced without using “Newton-Meter Per Second”  A term which made him sound a total nerd to all his Scottish friends.

So, since everyone and their mother owned a horse in those days the term “Horsepower” seemed to make sense to him.  It also made sense to the folks he was selling his contraption too and he became totally successful!

There you go, Bing-bang-boom –  the term Horsepower was born.  Any questions?

BTW: for those nerdy types – 1 Horse Power = 745.7 N.m / S

1 HP = TONS of Power

In order to adequately explain my second point, I again will whisk you away to Scotland.  This time during the age of William Wallace!  Well, more like the movie Braveheart.  Remember that scene where’s a like 4  horses pulling on old Mel Gibson’s appendages?  Yeah, so just one of those horses was enough to pull old William’s arms and legs out of his socket! Just ONE!

According to some history books that I sort of remember reading in High School, there were these guys whose sole-purpose was designing weird contraptions to kill people.  Think of the Iron Maiden and the like.  Anyway, they’d figured that they could design a pulley-system attached to a horse or mule whereby, when attached to an unsuspecting felon, could rip their arm right out of the socket.

Now think about 55 Horse pulling on his arm.  Crazy right?!  I know.  Now stop thinking about it – it’s far too gruesome.


So there you have it.  55 Horsepower is a lot of force.  Is it the most force EVER on a car.  Sadly no.  However it’s enough to rip plenty of arm out of sockets.