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Keeping My Geo Metro Alive

Regular engine oil change helps both old and new car models

How long have you been using your Geo Metro? I’ve been using mine for years and she still runs. Yes, let’s admit that there are things that could be improved about this car but it still has features that I love. 

Durable as it may seem, the oldie but goodie Geometro still deserves some TLC. My Geo Metro won’t survive on its own for this long if I didn’t do my freakin’ part. But before you conclude that keeping a Geometro running is a whole lot of work, check out the simple things that I did to it below. 

Believe me when I say these simple things are worth doing. Cause you all know my lazy ass isn’t up for something that only wastes your time. 

Oil And Filter Change

There are a variety of ways to properly care for your Geometro or any other vehicle. However, I find that changing the oil and oil filter is one of the most important things to do. 

Do you want to extend the life of your engine? Then this should be done regularly. With regular oil and oil filter changes, you lessen the risk of getting into engine problems. 

Engine problems are a headache and they are very costly too. I’ve avoided that over the years by simply being constant with my oil and oil filter changes. It’s done a lot of good for me and my car and you should do it too. 

Top Up Or Flush Out Your Coolant

The coolant is another important fluid that helps your engine avoid major problems. The level of the coolant doesn’t drastically drop so you may need top-ups from time to time. However, if you notice that you’ve been topping up frequently, then there might be a leak. 

Topping up the coolant is great as it ensures you have enough to circulate and efficiently cool the engine. However, there will also come a time when you need to replace the old coolant by flushing it out. It’s a very easy procedure to do but it could save your engine by not letting it overheat. 

Check The Wheel Bearings

Maintenance for the wheel bearings is easy but could be dirty because you need to use grease. You can inspect the wheel bearings on your own and add some grease to make it run smoothly or you can just hire someone to do it for you. It’s a simple and straightforward task. 

Brake Fluid Check

You might have recently purchased that Geometro but that doesn’t make it new. There are things you should check and one of them is the brake fluid. Just like the coolant, you should also make sure that the fluid is still viable. 

Try to check the brake fluid and see if it is still clear and amber in color. If it is black with rubber bits or rust, then you might need to give your vehicle a brake overhaul. Avoid that by always making sure that your brake fluid is regularly checked and changed every couple of years. 

Recognize When You Need Help

I love tinkering with my vehicles but not all things are worth the DIY. Sometimes, you’ll end up causing a more costly problem when you try to DIY things you don’t really know. 

Even if I have experience with cars, I still learn to recognize the line between a mechanic’s job and a DIYer. Although experienced DIYers can do the job on their own, allowing a professional to do it gives you peace of mind. 

Use Your Car

Some people believe that in order to make sure the car is still in pristine condition, it should simply be stored. Contrary to that, you should make sure you use your car at least once a month. 

No matter what kind of car it is, if you leave it stationary in your garage for far too long, you would likely find damages to it. Using it regularly actually slows down the aging process of your vehicle. 

So don’t be afraid to use your car, even if it is a collector’s edition or a trusty Geo Metro. Allow the parts to move by using it. 

Clean Your Car

Mud, debris, dirt, dust, and a combination of them all cause buildup that could be detrimental to your car. If you don’t keep your car clean, those will eventually cause chipping of the paint or rust.

The build-up can trap moisture and that can lead to the rusting of your vehicle. That’s also why you should always make sure to dry your car after washing it. This doesn’t only prevent rust but watermarks as well. 

Apart from the exterior, you should also make sure that the interior is properly cleaned as well. In a previous post, I told you about upholstering my car for comfort. I don’t want to go through that process again so maintaining cleanliness helps make sure that it’s the last time I do that.